Discrimination at work: Things that members of the LGBT community should know to avoid being mistreated at work

VLV-Discrimination at work Things that members of the LGBT community should know to avoid being mistreated at work-Lesbian woman being discriminated at work

Discrimination: Things that members of the LGBT community should know to avoid being mistreated at workLGBT is the acronym that identifies the words lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, which is also a movement that was formed by the fight for equal rights for these minority sexual communities.   Today, we can find this kind of […]

Open your business to new ideas and points of view: The benefits of diversity in business

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Diversity in business: how it can help increase creativity. Due to the worldwide expansion of businesses, companies now have to work with different cultures and races more often. Because of this, learning how to work with them is now vital for the success of any company. Besides, this also offers them many benefits.   When […]

Diversity and Inclusion: A futuristic view.

Diversity and inclusion are topics that are very important and have had a lot of focus lately… Lately, until we all started to be locked down. Every country, every company has been trying to fight for themselves and suddenly, we all start to be selfish again… Even though falling back on hold ‘habits’ might be […]

How can we embrace diversity and increase inclusion?

Nowadays, diversity and inclusion are important topics as they rightly should be. Companies who want to be successful need to be as diverse as possible. Diverse teams and organizations achieve better performance because they are able to come up with different perspectives, ideas and solutions  (as highlighted in an article from hcamag).   In the […]

Diversity and inclusion: sexual orientation

Diversity and inclusion   When we talk about it, we often think about:    Men and women   Younger and older generations   People from different colors, cultures, countries or religion…   There is however another type of diversity:    Sexual orientation   Listen to the powerful speech Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, did a […]

True global leaders embrace diversity and include everybody

True global leaders embrace diversity and include everybody. They never assume they already have all the answers.  Global leaders keep and open mind. They value diversity and include everybody.   They know that having a diverse team can be challenging. However, they accept and respect everyone. No matter where they come from, their nationality, religion, sex, […]

Animals and diversity…

They are all different And yet, they are all friends… If they all can get along with each other Why can’t we??? [French version / version francaise] Ils sont tous différents Et pourtant, ils sont tous amis… S’ils s’entendent tous les uns avec les autres. Pourquoi nous, ne peut-on pas le faire ? Source video: […]

How to embrace diversity

Working in an international environment is usually very challenging . You not only deal with many different people from different countries, but also different personalities, opinions, cultures… However, working with different types of people is also very rewarding. I’m a huge fan of diversity. Whether it’s about people from different backgrounds, cultures, races, nationalities, languages, […]


Yesterday evening I attended a networking event organized by the AMCHAM Luxembourg (American Chamber of Commerce). The main topic was digitalization. As a small country, Luxembourg has been implementing different initiatives to attract companies and talent. Luxembourg has been trying to be at the forefront as one of  the most digitalized countries in Europe, if […]

Diversity… I ? it, I live it and I need it! ?

I grew up in a small town in Northern France with only French white people, most of them catholics. All my family was living in Northern France, and we were going on holiday in France. There was nothing a priori that was pushing me towards diversity. When I was approximately 9 years old, I asked […]