How To Read The Body Language: 9 Important Non-Verbal Cues


Nowadays, knowing how to read the body language is more important than people think. Here’s why: most experts agree that communication is body language. In fact, they say that 70% to 90% of all communication is non-verbal. This basically means that the way we talk is conveyed more in body language than in verbal language. […]

Want to communicate better? Observe and listen!

Shhhhh…. Listen (or in this case read further ?) In my previous article and posts, I gave several tips on what to do to become a great communicator (if you missed any of them, you can go to the blogs on my website under Blogs/Communication).   However, did you know that to be a great […]

Pay attention to cultural references

When we use some cultural references, we always have to be mindful of who we are talking to… Especially nowaday, in a world that is getting smaller and smaller, we often communicate with people who are not originally from the country where we come from.    When you want to convey something,  Whether it’s by doing […]

Start with your audience!

Start with your audience!  Whether you need to present something verbally or send an email, ask yourself the following questions: Are you providing an update to your team members? Do you need to present something to your leadership team? Is your audience new to your industry or organization? Are all participants native English speakers?  Are […]

Be succinct!

I often found myself in a situation,  Where I was in a meeting Or reading a mail And thinking: ‘What is the point he/she is trying to make?’   The person kept talking and talking, beating about the bush, Or repeating the same thing over and over again in a different way   ➡️ If […]

It takes two to salsa

Dancing salsa and effective communication… What do the two have to do with each other?    A few weeks ago, I posted an article on how to communicate effectively and provided general tips. And a few days ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin about dancing salsa, taking a break and recharging my batteries…   […]

Verbal or written communication?

Verbal or written communication? A few days ago, I published an article on communication. In there, I provided a few general tips on how to communicate effectively ( Today, I want to go a bit deeper. To communicate effectively, you need to ensure you are using the right ‘media’. We sometimes think it’s easier to […]

How to communicate effectively and be a true global leader

The definition of communication is: exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. We constantly exchange information and yet, communication is one of the most challenging area of our lives… Great leaders know how important it is to communicate the right way. That is why they are very often great communicators. Whether […]

Humor in international environments…

Humor is a tricky thing. You have to be very careful when you use it, especially when dealing with an international environment. I remember an instance when one of my former bosses, also French, tried to make a joke in a conference call. We were waiting for all participants to join He started to tell […]

71 Inspiring Assumption Quotes To Rewire Your Way Of Thinking

assumption quotes

Today, I want to share with you the best assumption quotes. Every day, we make tons of assumptions, and most of the time, they’re false.   Here’s a good example:   A few weeks ago, I was talking to a coach, and I was telling him I had started to help expatriates and young professionals […]