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How to build good relationships with your coworkers. Building good relationships with your co-workers is a key element for well-being in the work environment. Therefore, you must take care of them. We spend 8 hours a day in our workplace. So, having a good relationship with colleagues makes it much more pleasant. Also, it boosts our motivation and productivity. But, what should we do to have good relationships with colleagues?

Surely you know what it’s like to work in an office where there are no good relationships. You don’t need a lot of work experience to notice. A cordial, nice, and friendly workplace is on a whole other level. This happens in all kinds of jobs.

However, some say they do not consider the workspace as a place to make friends. Many others point out that they do not need their colleagues to carry out their work properly. But, in truth, they could benefit from it. The work environment has a direct impact on productivity, as studies show.

Good working relationships also help you develop your career, opening up opportunities that might otherwise not be possible.

Why have good working relationships?

Human beings are social creatures by nature. And when you consider that we spend a third of our lives at work, it is clear that good relationships with colleagues will make our work more enjoyable.

Having a strong circle will also help you develop your career, opening up opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

What labor relationships are important?

Although you should try to build good working relationships with everyone, some deserve special attention. Like the relationship between a boss and an employee. Gallup found that a manager alone can account for up to 70% of a team’s commitment.

Regular one-on-one allows managers to build relationships with employees. In these updates, you can show how an individual’s work fits into the “big picture” of the organization. You can also understand their strengths, and help them identify areas for development.

You can also explore upward management. Then, you can analyze how your own manager prefers to work, anticipate your needs, and adapt your approach for a more fluid relationship.

You will also benefit from developing good working relationships with key stakeholders. These are the people who have a stake in your success or failure, such as customers, suppliers, and your team. Forming a bond with them will help you ensure that your projects and career stay on track. Stakeholder analysis helps you identify who these people are so that you can spend time building these partnerships.

Besides, working closely with others can also lead to personal relationships. If that happens to you, you can read our article on How to Manage a Personal Relationship at Work. It will show you how to be professional during business hours and preserve both your reputation and relationship.

Attitudes to adopt with your co-workers

The more comfortable coworkers are, the more confident they will feel when expressing their opinions and exchanging ideas. This level of teamwork is key to embrace change, create, and innovate. And when people see the fruit of working together in this way, group morale and productivity skyrocket.

Good work relations also give you freedom. Instead of spending time and energy dealing with negative relationships, you can focus on opportunities. From winning new business to focusing on personal development. Some aspects must be taken into account to make good relationships between co-workers:

– Build good relationships with your coworkers: Listen

If your team feels that you are willing to listen to what they have to say and even value their opinions, it won’t take long to earn their respect. Also, try to participate in work conversations but always from a respectful posture.

– Be nice

It seems silly, but sometimes we are so busy that they forget to smile, which could send the wrong message to others. There are three things you should never forget: the name of your colleagues, saying hello, and saying goodbye every workday.

– Build good relationships with your coworkers: Get to know your colleagues.

Take some time to get to know the people who work with you, so you can find common interests from which to start conversations and even a good relationship. Remember that there is always time for a cup of coffee.

– Communication

It is the foundation of any good working relationship. To avoid conflicts and work more efficiently, having good communication is essential.

– Build good relationships with your coworkers: Respect.

It’s vital both in work life and outside it. Listen to the opinions of your colleagues and respect them. Never underestimate other’s way of thinking or ideas. If you do, you will end up generating a climate of insecurity in which others will not share their ideas for fear of not being respected.

– Responsibility.

Take responsibility for your work. Fostering good relationships with your work environment means being a good partner and, for that, you need to take responsibility for your work and know how to work as a team. Respond to assigned tasks and make an effort to do them well because, if not, you could be affecting the work of others and this will end up spoiling relationships.

– Build good relationships with your coworkers: Understanding.

To err is human and we all make mistakes at times. If you spot a flaw in a colleague’s work, be understanding and let them know privately. Talk it over personally with him and, if it can be solved by talking, avoid reporting it to a superior.

– Rumors and sensitive topics.

Rumors are the source of a great number of misunderstandings. Stay away from any rumor going around and, above all, avoid spreading it. Also, try to stay away from sensible issues such as politics, religion, money, education.

– Build good relationships with your coworkers: Be thankful.

Surely in your office workers are willing to offer you a hand when you need it; however, once it helps you, don’t forget to be grateful. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and these kinds of details will help you win the love of those around you.

– Offer your help.

For many, it means meddling, while others will be grateful to have a hand when they are busy. Every time you consider that someone might need your help, do not hesitate to offer it but try to do it in a low voice so as not to leave your partner exposed to the rest.

– Build good relationships with your coworkers: Participate in office events

In every office, there are some habits or customs, such as meeting once a week, among others. Although you may not feel completely comfortable, if you want to establish good relationships with your colleagues, it will be essential that you participate in these instances.

– Intervene in conflicts.

Even if you are not the one with the problem, it is always good to intercede when a conflict occurs that affects the normal relationship within the office.

As you can see, they are guidelines as applicable to the work environment as to our personal life. However, sometimes day to day, workload and stress make us forget these simple rules of coexistence.

Building good relationships with your colleagues is an extremely important task. It is not only about building friendship, but also improving work performance through collaboration and functioning as members of a team.

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