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Boost your creativity and apply it to your work environment. Creativity is a muscle strong enough to push us to do incredible work; however, it requires constant training to form and show its full potential, like any muscle.

Today we bring a list of great ideas that will help you boost your creativity to apply it to your work environment. Keep in mind that these tips are extremely generalized, and you don’t need to apply all of them. You should only apply those that perfectly suit your tastes and particular needs.

Tips to boost creativity

1. Make lists

The lists of pending tasks to be done, of the ideas that arise in your head, of the projects in which you plan to get involved, etc… have the power of providing a sense of order and structure that will ensure that you only have to deal with working on instead of worrying about remembering it.

2. Allow yourself to change your mind, boost your creativity 

Many times the mind focuses so much on being right, it is not flexible to change its mind and look at things from a new perspective; however, it is impossible to get different results by always doing the same thing, so if you want to be more creative at work, take the liberty of opening up to a new opinion. If you want to change things, don’t always do the same.

3. Create spaces to disconnect

Every once in a while, the key to being more creative at work is taking moments not to work. Disconnecting will help your head rest from the problems it must face in day-to-day work and later return with fresh ideas and recharged batteries.

4. Work listening to new music, boost your creativity

New music abounds out there, and it is not about spending all day looking at the lists of what is playing today, but about visiting those albums, genres, groups, or artists, that no matter how old they are, you never allowed yourself to know. Music is proven to activate mechanisms in your brain that are associated with creativity.

5. Give gifts

Sometimes the key to being more creative at work is not thinking about what you have to do but doing something for others. Giving gifts is an excellent way to become a more creative person because it forces you to leave your head for a moment to think about the likes and needs of others, understand them, and above all, please them.

6. Use your hands, boost your creativity

Screens and electronic devices have a lot of information to give us. Still, they are already so much a part of our lives that when you want to be creative at work, what is best for you is to vary, go back to analog and think with your hands instead of with the sight in the cell phone.

7. Keep side projects and hobbies

As we mentioned earlier, to be creative at work, you have to start by doing creative things when you are out of it. Hobbies and secondary projects are an excellent way to train your most creative side by nourishing yourself with different activities and sources. It does not matter if they have little to do with your professional work.

8. Work in an orderly space, boost your creativity

The idea of creative people and “geniuses” may usually be linked to chaos and disorder. Still, the reality is that many times if we want to know how to be creative at work, space influences first hand. An organized space can be the catalyst for an organized mind, so start by cleaning your desk, and then we can talk about good ideas.

9. Don’t go around without a notepad and pen

It has been well said that ideas, creativity, and inspiration come at unexpected times, so they can leave in just the blink of an eye. Have you experienced the frustration of a brilliant idea getting away? Well, this will no longer happen if you always carry a notebook and a pen with you to write down everything that crosses your mind. It does not matter that later it is not as useful as you thought at the beginning.

10. Share your work with the world, boost your creativity

Sometimes to be more creative at work, we need that feedback that only other people can give us when we air what we are working on and decide to share it. Today there are hundreds of digital platforms that you can use to follow this advice with no inconvenience.

11. Create discussions with your friends about a specific topic

Without creating pretentious discussions and being right above all else, friendly debates are an excellent opportunity to train your creativity and expose yourself to new points of view and ideas that will later help you create innovative mental connections. You can also create these debates through social networks.

12. Keep a diary, boost your creativity

Keeping a diary to record your daily experiences and document what happens to you is a powerful tool to open a dialogue where you connect with yourself, your ideas, and your introspection.

13. Walk

Moving is one of the elementary rules to be more creative, plus it doesn’t require as much effort as it seems. Sometimes a simple walk around is all it takes to get back to work with clearer ideas and creativity ready to show off.

14. Surround yourself frequently with new people, boost your creativity

It’s okay to spend time with your lifelong friends with whom you have a lot in common. Still, it is also good, from time to time, to break the social routine and start meeting people who are out of your ordinary.

This is a good way to nurture your mind with new points of view, tastes, and interests that you may not have initially planned to delve into.

15. Research a topic about which you know absolutely nothing

Sometimes we must acknowledge our ignorance and internalize that the topics we know a lot about probably do not represent even a quarter of the topics about which we can discover very interesting things. Open yourself to discover more about the unknown.

16. Represent your ideas with drawings,, boost your creativity

Looseness required to draw something is a quality where we can use our creativity to win favor and represent what is in our mind with a resource other than words.

17. Listen more than you speak

Talking is fine, but you will often have to close your mouth to open your ears (and mind!) And absorb new ideas from the outside world.

18. Looking for references of references, boost your creativity

Sometimes it may be that even though you are surrounded by multiple references to carry out your work, you are still blocked. How about you go a little further and look for the root of the reference?

At the end of the day, we have all been inspired by something. That element you are looking for to advance with all your creativity may not be in the initial reference, but a few layers below.

19. Combine two ideas in one

Suppose you ask yourself exactly what creativity is. In that case, it is possible that all the answers that such a broad question have, in the end, something to do with creating expressions between two or more things. Train your ability to be more creative at work by linking your ideas with others to get more innovative results.

20. Modify your routine, boost your creativity

The routine makes up a very important part of our life thanks to the sense of structure it gives us, but, from time to time, it can be very useful to break with it and do things that previously would not have fit with you.

21. Read books and watch series and movies of other genres

If you always consume content of a favorite genre, but at the same time, you want to be more creative at work, it is time for a change. For example, if your thing is to always watch horror movies, try watching a comedy. The point of this advice is that, even if you don’t like it in the end, you will have exposed yourself to something new and that is worth more or less than your creative potential.

22. Develop eclectic thinking, boost your creativity

Eclectic thinking has no specific preferences but draws the best of each current, series of ideas, paradigms, styles, etc… to compose its own points of view. Just what your creativity needs to get going.

23. Cultivate self-confidence

Often, you do not have a problem with creativity but the confidence to believe in the results you can generate. Cultivate initial confidence in your ideas, even those that will later be discarded.

24. Think about the process rather than the end result, boost your creativity

Many good ideas are unfairly off the list for the simple fact that they were thought from the result and not from the process. The reality is that every creative work process is made up of phrases that work like puzzle pieces, so think about these first instead of jumping to put it all together at once.

25. Nurture yourself with stories

Stories move the world, but so does creativity. If you want to be more creative at work, whenever you can, immerse yourself in stories that make you visit new worlds and realities.

26. Be curious, boost your creativity

Curiosity is the mother of all creativity. Only through the thirst for constant learning is it possible to reach the motivation to arm yourself with good references and points to make connections that enhance creative thinking within work or any daily context.

27. Take the liberty of making mistakes

Have you thought about all those job ideas that went to the garbage can just because you thought they weren’t creative enough? We can’t guarantee if they were or not. Still, we can guarantee that from time to time, coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay to be wrong can give you broader creative freedom than living in fear of making a mistake.

28. Meditate, boost your creativity

The mind needs to observe your thoughts without judging them, so meditating is the perfect bridge to get there and return to earth with clean and recharged ideas.

29. Do sports in your free time

Imagine that your body is like a blank canvas. Still, if you shake it, it is a brush that generates new connections, which will later become that perfect idea to develop a work with it you had time stagnant.

30. Take online courses

Throughout the list, we’ve said it: nurturing new knowledge is the best fuel to kick-start creativity at work. Fortunately, nowadays it is not difficult because through different online portals you can learn everything you want about any subject.

31. Make peace with your problems

Do not be afraid of problems; start accepting them as other parts of life and develop a strong mentality at all times. This will help you be more creative at work and take on life with a stronger will and disposition to solve the challenges that come your way instead of complaining or running away from them.

32. Thank daily

Do not let life pass you right in front of your eyes. Be thankful for everything you have and even what you don’t. Only then can you give yourself the positive energy that will boost your creativity in moments of blockage.

33. Enjoy an art form that you are not used to

If you used to go to the cinema, go to the theater; if you usually take photographs, learn how to draw; if you go to concerts a lot, go to poetry recitals, and so on… It’s all about exploring, exploring, and exploring.

34. Set challenges

There are thousands of examples of creativity challenges you can do to test your creative muscle. Investigate which ones interest you the most and have fun until you reach the goal, but always valuing the process above all else.

Now that you know the best tips to boost your creativity to apply to your work environment, you can achieve great things and improve your performance at work.

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