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Become the leader you want. Many people want to be in charge of their work team to ensure optimal results and be successful. However, not all people know how to be good leaders, and this can cause your team to fail enormously.

How to be a good leader

Regardless of your functions, if you work in a large or small company or if you are starting a business, you must develop the characteristics of a good leader. This will allow you to have many advantages in the professional field and guarantee your team’s success.

These tips can help you become the leader you want to be:

1. Communicate as clearly and efficiently as possible

Being a good boss means always listening to what your team has to say, even when you don’t want to hear. You must listen to criticism and bad comments. These must become a source of personal development in your life.

Make it clear what your expectations and feelings are on good terms. This way, there will be no room for misunderstandings and interpretations if you are explicit in what you want to say.

2. Be an example, become the leader you want

Become the person you want your team members to be. You should be careful about the first impression you leave. You should be so harmonious between the things you say, do, and think.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

To learn how to be a good leader, you must contribute to your team or contribute to your strengths. This can help you identify the types of intelligence that exist, know yours and exploit them in favor of your work team.

Similarly, if you know you are not good at something, acknowledge it and work on it. Learning how to be a good leader requires that you focus on your strengths and learn to delegate those activities that your weaknesses demand.

4. Keep in touch with your emotions, become the leader you want

Having emotional intelligence does not mean that you feel nothing, but that you understand and know how to handle your emotions. So get to know yourself, acknowledge your reactions and learn to manage them.

When you do not know your emotions and make decisions based on reactions and not rational conclusions, you will be wrong. The invitation is that you take the time to identify how you are feeling, then clarify your ideas and finally make a decision.

5. Choose your work team wisely

Your work team is the most important thing, and if you want to see them succeed, you must provide the tools, means, and spaces to fulfill their functions.

Similarly, you must choose and build a work team that complements each other. It is useless to have people who do the same as you do. Choose an interdisciplinary team that can work together.

6. Be passionate, become the leader you want

If you are not passionate about your business, you surely are in the wrong place. You cannot be a good leader in a job that does not inspire you to improve every day. So before asking yourself how to be a leader, ask yourself what your life purpose is.

7. Accept uncertainty

You must admit that you can’t control all the factors surrounding business and work teams. The best way to deal with uncertainty lies in the power of your mind.

For this, you must trust your work team, allow these people to develop processes, make decisions and act under their criteria. Be a good boss, give them the freedom to proceed, and let them take the necessary corrections themselves in case they make mistakes.

Your role is to enhance their skills and knowledge and interfere when you deem it appropriate.

8. Assume height errors, become the leader you want

As the great leadership phrases state, there is nothing wrong with being wrong. The wrong thing is not learning from mistakes and not gaining experience.

Therefore, after you overcome a mistake, learn to forgive yourself and work to correct it. Guilt will not help you solve things. Taking the consequences and making sure you never make the same mistake again will help.

Like you, the other people on your team will make mistakes, so take these situations calmly, assume the consequences and work so that they do not recur.

9. Identify mentors and role models

To learn how to be a good leader, you must find successful leaders who can inspire you through their decisions and leading. You can learn from their failures, experiences, and methods. This way, you will define the way you want to lead.

10. To be a good boss, first be a good person

If you think about it, learning how to be a good leader is nothing more than an extension of the good person you are. Commit to being a good person, with integrity, with values and principles.

Have the humility to have a growth mindset, use your skills to help others, enhance their growth, and not impress and give an image of something that you are not.

11. The importance of your decisions as a leader, become the leader you want

Before making any decision, do the homework of researching all the possibilities and outcomes. It is your role as a leader to make decisions with limited information and assume the consequences of your team’s actions.

Don’t let this important task always be subject to your instincts and emotions. While you should trust them, support them with information. The best leaders know how to combine their decisions based on experience with concrete figures that support their actions.

12. Have a growth mindset

Not only does it apply to your leadership role, but focus on improving every day. Work with the idea of constantly improving your skills, knowledge, and your processes.

Get into the habit of reading and attend as many leadership courses as possible. Invest in your knowledge and personal training to become a good boss.

13. Take care of the work environment of your work team

Good leaders do not have “favorites” in their team. This only creates resentment and makes you look like an immature leader. This implies that you know how each of the members of your team works, know how to demand them, ask for results, and release when necessary.

14. Be a close leader, become the leader you want

Allow people to come to you, see that you are trustworthy and that they can access you when they need to. More than a leader, they need someone whom to trust. Now, it’s okay to be friendly and on good terms with your team, but don’t seek to be everyone’s best friend as they could confuse your friendship.

This does not mean that you are a bad person. You must differentiate a professional relationship from a personal one. When this line is crossed, there are often trust issues, and leadership can be affected.

15. Know your limits as a boss, become the leader you want

It often happens that leaders confuse closeness with overconfidence. Do not go beyond your limits and your means. Having the privilege of leading implies the responsibility of knowing your limits and understanding that everyone has their space and deserves respect.

There are many cases where bad leaders believe they have the right to belittle their work teams for the simple fact that they “must” respond to them.


To end

Now that you know all the characteristics that make a good leader, you can follow these tips and become the leader you want to be to ensure the success of your team and your growth on a personal level.

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