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Awaken your feminine power with the best 6 tips. Women are a fundamental part of society. They are the pillar of a family and the breadwinner of destiny. Although they have always been underestimated by men, the female population has shown they have the strength and ability to deal with all kinds of situations.

Many women who are part of the work world feel that men are the ones who have the power. Still, if you want to awaken your feminine power, you just have to follow some of the advice that we give you in this article.

Feminism as part of female power

Feminism is the principle of equal rights between men and women. It has been a worldwide movement with which women can raise their voices and fight for equal treatment, opportunities and rights.

Feminist women know their rights and enforce them according to the law. This allows them to perform in the work world with more confidence and determination.

Today, despite all the progress made in the last 50 years, there are still many injustices directed at the female population, especially in the workplace. For this reason, all women in the world must awaken their feminine power and reveal their potential to men.

How to awaken your feminine power


1. Go for a walk, Awaken your feminine power

Choose a route that you like that gives you good vibes to feel good or just get going. Walking means that your main activity is that there is no goal, there is no end to reach.


Just let yourself go, connect your steps to the earth (which is pure feminine energy), observe everything as if you had never seen it, observe what reactions it produces, connect with the smells and sounds, feel the air or the sun in the expansive, and you don’t have to walk 50km. Still, from time to time go out for a walk just for the pleasure of feeling the earth under your feet.

2. Write, Awaken your feminine power

About what? Well, whatever you want. It can be something that has happened to you in the day, a dream that you had, a memory that has come suddenly to you, a letter to yourself from the future, and so on. Writing is a wonderful tool to connect with yourself.

It is very interesting and revealing. Suddenly you find yourself writing things that you barely remembered, or you realize that your dreams have a lot to tell you. The fact is that writing has always been a fantastic method to connect with the interior.

What is important is that you write, no matter what, no matter how do not worry about whether it makes sense, whether it is well written or about anything; just let the words flow on the paper and let go of what you have to put down.

3. Listen to your favorite song, Awaken your feminine power

Or the music that you like the most but letting it permeate you completely, observing the nuances, observing what it makes you feel, if it is joy, tranquility, anguish, what memories it brings you, what person or people come to mind… or do nothing more than listen and enjoy each of the notes.

4. Cook, Awaken your feminine power

It is not just about making lunch or dinner, although it is obvious what you cook, you will eat. Cook something for the pleasure of cooking, something that you like a lot or something that a person you love likes and you want to do. It is better if it is a quiet moment, that you have enough time, be comfortable in the kitchen, and do it as a ritual. Place everything you need, ingredients, utensils, put on music that you like, etc.

Cut, peel, smell, taste, mix, touch, listen… Each of the ingredients. Feel how you cook, put emotion, put love into that delicious food you are making.

5. Take a bath, Awaken your feminine power

Besides being very relaxing, water helps us to connect with the emotional part, since water represents emotions. So prepare everything: candles, some incense, essential oils in the water, etc. The point is to feel the water, connect with it, and cleanse you on the outside and inside. It is also worth taking a bath in the sea, a lake, a river; whatever you like the most.

6. Dancing, Awaken your feminine power

Put on music and get moving, don’t think. Let your body listen to the music and let yourself be guided. No matter how you do it, just dance, connect with that creative, free, and wild part inside you, and move your hips to the rhythm of the music, or without rhythm. It does not matter.

Let go of the mane and wiggle how you want and how you ask the body. It is a powerful way to connect with your inner self. And it also leaves you radiant and happy.

Why do all these things?

Because through the beginning of the cycle, we enter a cycle of light. The light that is the essence of each (which is more than your shape, body, and emotions) is the union of masculine and feminine energy. Both energies coexist in you and are at your service.

Suppose you only use one energy of the two or do not have them balanced. In that case, you live without harmony, since there is no unity of the two energies in you. When there is no unity of two things, there is conflict. The first conflict begins with oneself (if you do not accept something in yourself, you will not accept it in others).


The feminine energy has for many centuries been repressed, condemned, and undervalued

· It is still frowned upon in many cultures to express your emotions and be seen crying, especially for men, and men have that feminine energy.

· It is considered that a “strong and tough” girl has to hide her emotions and has character or who physically has strength. In short, that vulnerability in both men and women is hidden because that makes you the weaker sex.

· Feminine qualities such as compassion, intuition, empathy, creativity, connection with the invisible, abstract, and ancestral have been condemned and degraded for many years.

· Feminine energy has been greatly feared because it is subtle but powerful. After all, feminine energy has powerful qualities for transforming and unifying oneself. Men degraded themselves to the point of turning the woman into a sexual object, valuing her simply for the usefulness of her body.


The female power

In history, having been rejected and condemned, the Female power, hiding, and self-repressing even unconsciously made to live in a world apparently male-energy-predominant in an unbalance; both individual and global.

This awakening to females’ energy needs to find a balance between both. If the feminine energy is not taken into account, we will continue as before. And this awakening of feminine energy is not only a women’s thing.

Society has set rules, but there is the power to decide what to do and how to do it within each one. It is the responsibility of each one because the society we have today is what we have created. We are all part of society.

It’s not about gender, but harmful actions performed by a man and a woman, currently but, they are turning the corner of many harmful actions carried out by men against women. This is not hatred towards men but defense of self-love and limits against injustice.

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