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Preparation is key

Preparation is key. When we have a deadline, we often focus on the task we need to do: going through an interview, delivering a training or presentation, providing a report. There are important milestones that we need to go through to achieve our goal. To be successful in achieving these milestones, two things are essential […]

How to be / stay motivated

These last few weeks, a few people asked me: how do you stay motivated in this period? You’ve been posting and staying positive, I don’t know how you do it… With the Prospective Force team (Anton, Kevin and Juliet), we’ve discussed motivation last week. Everybody deals with motivation differently. Am I motivated all the time? […]

Diversity and Inclusion: A futuristic view.

Diversity and inclusion are topics that are very important and have had a lot of focus lately… Lately, until we all started to be locked down. Every country, every company has been trying to fight for themselves and suddenly, we all start to be selfish again… Even though falling back on hold ‘habits’ might be […]

Tips to learn a language

“How many languages do you speak?” is a question that people often ask me.  My answer is 5 (French, English, German, Dutch and Italian). And when I say I speak 5 languages, I mean that I can also write them as well as train, coach and present in those 5 languages.  I know a lot […]

How to answer inappropriate questions

When you want to start building relationships, you have to interact with people, ask questions and answer some. We have to work on our executive presence and one of my previous article gave a few tips on this subject. However, we (especially women) all have been asked inappropriate questions at some point in our lives. […]

Your health is your wealth

“Your health is your wealth”, we all have heard this expression. In these days where most of us are stuck at home trying to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, I can’t help but think that this expression has never been truer to me… Being healthy does not only mean being ‘fit’ i.e. not overweight. […]

Tips for working from home

Working from home. The coronavirus is now forcing people to do so in some countries. A few months ago, I wrote an article about how to manage / lead a virtual team (for those of you who missed it, here is the link). With the current situation with the coronavirus, the advice I mentioned in […]