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Salsa Leadership!

Salsa and leadership. 2 words that we usually do not find in the same sentence….    What do salsa dancing and leadership have in common? Some of you may answer ‘Virginie’ as these 2 areas are 2 of my biggest passions 😀   However, I would say that both areas actually have quite a lot […]

How can we embrace diversity and increase inclusion?

Nowadays, diversity and inclusion are important topics as they rightly should be. Companies who want to be successful need to be as diverse as possible. Diverse teams and organizations achieve better performance because they are able to come up with different perspectives, ideas and solutions  (as highlighted in an article from hcamag).   In the […]

Always believe in yourself

No matter what people think of us, always believe in yourself.   When I came back in the Netherlands in 2008, I had found a job in one of the big international banks in Amsterdam.  I had been hired in the technical department of the bank to set up a team in India. I’ll always […]

Diversity and inclusion: sexual orientation

Diversity and inclusion   When we talk about it, we often think about:    Men and women   Younger and older generations   People from different colors, cultures, countries or religion…   There is however another type of diversity:    Sexual orientation   Listen to the powerful speech Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, did a […]