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Things to consider when you want to become an expat

In my series ’10 tips for people who want to become an expat’, I explained the main important things to think of when considering moving abroad (summary of all posts): Making your research Checking your personal situation Being ready for a lot of administrative work Paying attention to your finances Speaking another language in a […]

My YouTube Channel and Instagram

Starting your own online business is not easy. There are tons of information out there, on what you should do to become visible and attract customers: be present on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., write articles, make videos, share pictures or a post, write a book… It’s all overwhelming. In addition, since you […]

Welcome to my first book

It has been a long delivery… Almost 20 years to be precise! I am pleased to announce that I am now the proud mother of my first book, ‘My revenge on life’. It was a Friday in August 1998, when I was with my mom on a highway in Belgium, driving from France to the […]