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I am  a multilingual, engaging and motivating leader and coach, passionate about developing and empowering people.

I have been an expatriate for the majority of my life and have always managed international teams, either on site or virtually’. I know what it is to interact with people from different cultures, countries, backgrounds, etc.

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If you’re looking for some inspiration, whether it’s a book, or a film or a documentary, you’ll find a list of my favorite items.

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My book ‘My revenge on life’ is now available! Click below to know more!… And I’m still working on other things, so stay tuned!


I’ve always wanted to help people and share the ideas I have. Since we often forget things, I’ve started to write down what I was thinking, in the hope that it may help one of you out there. Sometimes you just need a little hand to help you move forward…


I was mentored by Virginie for all my initial period as Quality Manager in Amazon and the base of the competences I acquired during that period, are the results of the weekly interaction I had with her. Virginie is an excellent coach with a clinic eye for someone’s areas of improvement. She showed my the right path for personal and team priorities definition and, Her feedback on my team roadmap , ensured I could cover grey area, keep the scope aligned with the vision and enhance my team performance. Virginie’s best quality is her constant active listening, once she has gathered all the information, you can rest assured she will guide you to create a clear vision and a consequent action plan to fix/drive performance.

 “To be a successful leader who inspire and motivates others, change has to begin from inside. Integrity and high standards should come from within first”…….this is what Virginie Lemay believes in when she coached me to build my leadership skills and social capital. She was instrumental in developing my efficacy to lead complex cross-cultural teams and mentored me to become organizational and political savvy in my role. If you are looking forward to build transformational leadership skills or want to be coached on complex cultural issues, Virginie is the best coach to engage.
As a coach, Virginie Lemay is one of the most professional persons I know. When I arrived in the Netherlands at 19 years old, she assisted me in finding my first job, and helped me learn English within a few weeks. She also became my manager, and one of best in my 23 years of experience. She has changed my life for the better, and I could never thank her enough for that. I am currently a Technical Architect for a Business Intelligence software company based in the UK which covers EMEA. I would not be where I am now if it was not for Virginie’s guidance and excellent coaching skills. Yes, I may be biased because she is my sister, and as brother and sister, we do not always agree. However, as a professional person, Virginie is one of the best.
Virginie was the best manager and mentor I have ever had. She taught me to stay true to myself, that anything is worth trying and fighting for no matter how impossible it seems. Not only did Virginie support my personal and professional growth, she was an advocate who truly wanted to see me shine. Thanks to her, I was able to redirect my career and pursue my passion without even having to change jobs.
Virginie means business when it comes to driving things forward, influencing and motivating people, working hard and delivering results. And she all does it with a smile, energy, positivity and personality that is contagious.
If you are looking for a genuine, experienced, unbiased and inspiring support in your life, you came to the right place.

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